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If (Matley Productions) is on your team, you know (1) it’s gonna get done and (2) it’s gonna be good. He knows how to meet your needs, meet deadlines, stay within budget and keep everyone pleased along the way. Justin is a great team player and creative individual who knows how to execute. A very rare breed.

-Uri Schneider, Co-Director, Schneider Speech

Justin’s ability to work with clients from small to big make him a great asset on any team. His amazing attention to detail no matter how big or small the project has never been bested by anyone that I have met in my many years of working in this industry. I highly recommend (Matley Productions) for any project that requires a wealth of knowledge, the ability to be professional at all times, and the skills to put both of those traits together.

-William Mueller, Producer/Sound Designer, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Justin is committed and intelligent beyond his years and I would definitely recommend him for any project that needs (production).

-Roman Zeitlin, Owner/Composer, Zeitlin Music

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