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Concept Development and Writing

We blend entertainment and education in ways others simply don’t. In a hyperactive world of hypermedia, the most effective communication requires the most engaging approach. Media-types call it the “Goldilocks effect”. We call it the bottom line. MP has witty, savvy, award-winning partners in both worlds who can put smart and unique stamps on more than just educational content. Nail it from the idea to the execution. Give us your biggest challenge. We’ll make sense of it.

Live Shoot Production and Editing

Soup to nuts. Our collective contains some of the best in the business. We connect the dots between experience and efficiency. We are award-winning (Peabodys, Tellys, etc.) designers, cinematographers, directors, and engineers. Don’t worry, it hasn’t gone to our heads. Our goal is a great production within your means and your timeline. We are resourceful and without overhead. That’s what the collective is all about. Be a part of it. Once we have the concept locked and loaded, we’ll get there, shoot it, and edit it – and make it easy and fun for you and your subject matter.

Original Music and Audio Production

We dare you to find a single, more impacting force in society through the years and from person to person than music. Do you know anyone who isn’t moved by music? We don’t, and we harness that audacity to make your project stand out above the rest. We write music of all genres, customized for your project. The goal of music is to set the mood while always enhancing the content and message. And with technology today, we can make almost anything with anything. Whether you envision Coldplay or Berlioz, Hendricks or Bjork, or heck, just don’t have a clue – we’ll make sure your message is heard, loud and clear.

And while you’re at it, shouldn’t it sound amazing? It completes the experience. Remember that shoot outside that just so happened to be in a hurricane-tornado-thunderstorm-earthquake-nuclear war? We’ll make sure you hear what was supposed to be recorded. And if not, we’ll re-record and sound design it so it seems like it was recorded in a hurricane-tornado-thunderstorm-earthquake-nuclear war. Minus the radioactivity.

Visual Effects and Animation

Case study. Client: Our Time. Location: Camp Our Time, Hendersonville, North Carolina. Goal: Sift through every popular movie ever made, select 8. Re-write funny, clever, heartwarming narratives focused around free speech, anti-bullying and empowerment for kids who stutter. Reedit scenes from original films together according to new narratives. Redraw scenes to fit kids into them with superstar actors. Reshape scenes so kids interact directly with the likes of Will Smith and Colin Firth. Shoot 80 kids in 16 hours in a shack in the woods with a jury-rigged duct taped green sheet for a green screen. Create new films with new kid actors battling aliens, running from dinosaurs, falling in love, and empowering others. Turnaround time: 72 hours. End result? Tears, hugs, smiles, standing ovations, and 80 astounded campers and parents. Coolest Camp Ever.

Oh, and if you want full-bore total animation, we can arrange that too. Flash, drawn, 3-D, twenty seconds or twenty minutes. You got it.


Sometimes you just need a hand. Whether it’s expert advice, someone to tie up loose ends, or a devil’s advocate, we just want you getting the best. As is always the case, if we cannot do something for your project directly, we can make sure you still get what you need. All with our guarantee it’ll be done well. We have recommended costume designers and translators to JMH Education, actors to RadioFace, and DPs to non-profits all over the world. We’ve worked per diem and per project. Heck, we’ll even make a few phone calls for you for nothing but a high-five.