What is a Production Collective?

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So, what the heck is a Production Collective anyway?

A little history. When the economy went south a few years back, a lot of talented creative-types got the idea of pooling together to share resources and clientele. Evolution in hard times. With new production technology being better and cheaper, and faster and stronger internet bandwidth taking over the need for a static operations hub, this approach has become more and more popular particularly in production markets like New York and Los Angeles. It trims a lot of fat that blew up the budgets of the past. No hidden costs to cover the office cleaning company and bloated rent, no extended communication blackouts; more personal connection, flexible approaches, and frankly, less migraines. In the end, clients had to adapt immediately to less revenue, and subsequently, production needed to adapt creatively to less resources and time.

Matley Productions started from industry friends who actually held onto jobs during tough times. In a position to be uniquely nimble and versatile, we maximize standing professional resources in new ways, partner on projects we believe in, and get a kick out of doing them. It has succeeded on the principle of creative, professional people simply wanting to do more.